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Learn How To Burn Fat – The Truth About Burning Fat & Losing Weight

Learn How To Burn Fat

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“How To Burn Fat, Get Toned and Lean  – Fast

Hi my name is Ian Jones and welcome to, one of the UK’s leading websites which tackles the difficulties of fat burning head on, to help you burn fat, tone up and get lean. Here you’ll find free fat burning tips to:

  • Burn belly fat and lose fat from your love handles (and if you’d like, get six-pack abs);
  • Learn about foods which will help boost your metabolism and burn fat; and
  • Exercises to target and tone up troublesome areas.
  • And a whole lot more…

If you like no-nonsense guidance, which gets to the point and actually works, then take a look around and take advantage of the fat burning tips and articles published right here on this website. Plus I’ve sourced some hard to find reports by top fat loss experts; here are two you can download right now:

There’s more…

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  1. The Great Abs Mistake – Learn what to do and what NOT to do to uncover your perfect abs!
  2. How To Sky-Rocket Your Fat Loss – Discover the hidden facts which most ‘Experts’ won’t tell your about boosting your fat loss!
  3. 8 Things You MUST do to Build Maximum Muscle – 8 little-known strategies you are not using to stack on muscle!

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Photo of Sylvester Stallone in Hawaii.

Sly Stallone - Lean & Ripped (Photo: Alan Light)

Featured Article:

“How to Burn Fat to Get Lean & Ripped Like Your Favourite Movie Star”

In this article you’ll learn the best way on the planet to get a body as lean as Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt or Sly Stallone (works for girls too)…It covers:

  • What getting ripped really means;
  • How you can look remarkable and easily stand out from the crowd;
  • The last “10 pounds factor” – you either know it or you don’t;
  • Why miracle / fad diets will do you more harm than good;
  • How and why anyone can get ripped – yes you; and
  • The most important element for getting ripped which you can use immediately.

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Featured Article:

“The No. 1 Fat Loss Tip”

In this article you’ll learn probably the most crucial strategy for fat loss. It discusses the one thing you must get right if you want to get in great shape. The article will tell you:

  • Why fad diets and weight loss ‘gurus’ have got it all wrong when it comes to foods and calories;
  • Dumb nutrition choices (often from the above ‘gurus’)
  • How unconcious compensation can stop you from burning fat;
  • What no one is telling you about calories in versus calories out.
  • Why you shouldn’t be focussing on ‘exercising more and eating less’ – and what you should focus on instead; and
  • The number 1 key to successful weight loss – now and in the future.

> Click here to read the full article…

Yours For A Healthier, Fitter Body,

Ian Jones
Author & Editor

P.S. Remember - Almost everyone is dead wrong in the way they try to diet to burn body fat and lose weight. The approach you’re using to lose body fat may not only be ineffective, it might be destroying your metabolism and even making you even fatter. Click here to learn more...

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“Do You Make These Abs Mistakes?”

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